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High-Grade Ski

We offer HEAD 4-buckle boots for customers who booked High Grade Skis.

High Grade Ski Rental Price List (in JPY)


Rental Method Check List


    Disclaimer: Delivery to Courier Service counters at the following hotels does not imply affiliation with the hotels listed.

    • Hotel Mount Racey
    • Sahoro Resort Hotel
    • Hilton Niseko Village
    • The Green Leaf Niseko Village
    • Sheraton Hokkaido Kiroro Resort
    • The Kiroro, a Tribute Portfolio Hotel, Hokkaido
    • RUSUTSU RESORT Hotel & Convention
    • The Westin Rusutsu Resort
    • Tomamu The Tower
    • RISONARE Tomamu
    • New Furano Prince Hotel
    • Furano Prince Hotel

    Reservations accepted 5 days in advance

  • Hotel Delivery ・ Furano Shop

    Hotel Delivery

    • Niseko Hirafu Area
    • Niseko Higashiyama Area
    • Niseko Annupuri Area
    • Niseko Moiwa and Konbu Onsen Area
    • Downtown Sapporo City Hotels

    * Some hotels may be excluded

    Furano Shop

    • Furano area

    Reservations accepted 5 days in advance

* Prices in red are after the web discount.
* Courier delivery cost is included in your online price.

High-grade skis, standard poles



    1 day - 7 days 32,500 26,000
    2 days 14,500 11,600 8 days 35,500 28,400
    3 days 19,500 15,600 9 days 38,500 30,800
    4 days 23,500 18,800 10 days 41,500 33,200
    5 days 26,500 21,200 +1/day 2,000 1,600
    6 days 29,500 23,600    
  • Hotel Delivery

    Hotel Delivery

    1 day 7,000 5,600 7 days 31,000 24,800
    2 days 13,000 10,400 8 days 34,000 27,200
    3 days 18,000 14,400 9 days 37,000 29,600
    4 days 22,000 17,600 10 days 40,000 32,000
    5 days 25,000 20,000 +1/day 2,000 1,600
    6 days 28,000 22,400    

High-grade ski set (High-grade skis, standard poles and boots)



    1 day - 7 days 34,500 27,600
    2 days 16,500 13,200 8 days 37,500 30,000
    3 days 21,500 17,200 9 days 40,500 32,400
    4 days 25,500 20,400 10 days 43,500 34,800
    5 days 28,500 22,800 +1/day 2,000 1,600
    6 days 31,500 25,200    
  • Hotel Delivery

    Hotel Delivery

    1 day 8,000 6,400 7 days 33,000 26,400
    2 days 15,000 12,000 8 days 36,000 28,800
    3 days 20,000 16,000 9 days 39,000 31,200
    4 days 24,000 19,200 10 days 42,000 33,600
    5 days 27,000 21,600 +1/day 2,000 1,600
    6 days 30,000 24,000    

Full set (High-grade ski set + Snow suit + Accessories)



    1 day - 7 days 50,500 40,400
    2 days 22,500 18,000 8 days 55,500 44,400
    3 days 29,500 23,600 9 days 60,500 48,400
    4 days 35,500 28,400 10 days 65,500 52,400
    5 days 40,500 32,400 +1/day 4,000 3,200
    6 days 45,500 36,400    
  • Hotel Delivery

    Hotel Delivery

    1 day 12,000 9,600   7 days 49,000 39,200
    2 days 21,000 16,800 8 days 54,000 43,200
    3 days 28,000 22,400 9 days 59,000 47,200
    4 days 34,000 27,200 10 days 64,000 51,200
    5 days 39,000 31,200 +1/day 4,000 3,200
    6 days 44,000 35,200    
  • Prices indicated in black font show the regular rate. Those prices indicated in pink font show the 20% discounted web booking price. The web discount may end without notice.
  • Book online 5 days before the beginning of the rental period.
  • Rental Period of Operation: Dec 9 - Apr 1
  • Rental of high-grade skis is limited in quantity.
  • High-grade equipment is only for skis.
  • We do not offer High-grade skis for children.

High Grade Ski List

Big mountain Fat skis for those who wish to enjoy powder snow and back country
All mountain Enjoyable on both slopes and back country
All round Skis suitable for any slopes including on and off piste
Comfort Guarantees easy and nice skiing on the slopes


  • JJ 2.0

    Range Big mountain
    Model 16/17
    Length 165/175/185
    Side cut 137-116-133(175cm)
    Radius/SL 16(175cm)
    Features EST Freeride Rocker
    The tool that changed powder skiing forever is back with the width and EST Freeride Rocker you need for deep days and the grip you need for edging on hard suow.
  • TST

    Range All mountain
    Model 16/17
    Length 174/183
    Side cut 131-101-122(174cm)
    Radius/SL 14.7(174cm)
    Features EST All Mtn Rocker
    The most versatile ski in the Armada lineup.
    From chasing fresh tracks in the trees to ripping groomers, the TST is ready for whatever conditions Mother Nature throws your way.
  • VJJ

    Range Big mountain
    Model 16/17
    Length 155/165/175
    Side cut 136-115-132(165cm)
    Radius/SL 15(165cm)
    Features EST Freeride Rocker
    Own the deep stuff and rip hardpack with the most versatile women's powder ski in the galaxy.
    Featuring EST Freeride Rocker, the VJJ dominates deep snow and rips hardpack on the way back to the lift.
  • TSTw

    Range All mountain
    Model 16/17
    Length 156/165/174
    Side cut 130-100-122(165cm)
    Radius/SL 12.6(165cm)
    Features EST All Mtn Rocker
    Float with ease and drive through turns on all-mountain ski that makes you realize what you've been missing.
    EST All Mountain Rocker keeps you equally comfortable charging off-piste, finding powder refills in the trees or railing on groomers.
  • VICTA 83

    Range All mountain
    Model 16/17
    Length 151/159/167
    Side cut 121-81-111(151㎝)
    Radius/SL 16(151㎝)
    Features AR Nose Rocker
    The sister ski to the men’s INVICTUS series, this ladies All Round ski is perfectly suited for progressing skiers looking to explore more and more of what the mountain has to offer. Perfect for groomed slopes, but balanced and forgiving in all terrain, Victa 83 Skis will boost your riding every time you take ‘em for a spin.
  • VICTA 93

    Range All mountain
    Model 16/17
    Length 151/159/167/176
    Side cut 129-91-119(151㎝)
    Radius/SL 16.5
    Features AR Nose Rocker
    Smooth and versatile, the Victa 93 was born to open the door to the entire mountain. From groomed slopes to fresh powder, riders of virtually any skill level will appreciate this All Round ski. Shaped with a rockered nose and camber underfoot, these skis give you a reliable edge that’ll spring you into and out of turns with prowess to navigate upper mountain to lower mountain with ease. The Armada Victa 93 Skis are your new daily driver!



    Range All mountain
    Model 16/17
    Length 154/162/170
    Side cut 133-84-120
    Radius/SL 16
    Features Auto turn Rocker
    The new Rossignol Experience 84 HD is a great option for the strong intermediate to expert skier looking for a smooth and responsive ski for slicing down the groomers. Rossignol's Auto Turn Rocker utilizes rocker in the tip and tail for a highly maneuverable feeling, while camber under foot delivers a strong amount of rebound and edge grip. The biggest upgrade in the Experience 84 is the Carbon Alloy Matrix that uses a woven structure of basalt and carbon fiber to increase the grip on the snow, stability, drive, and responsiveness of the Experience 84, without adding any extra weight, or making it more challenging to ski. The Air Tip Construction pulls heavier material away from the tip of the ski for a lower swingweight, increased maneuverability, and a less fatiguing ride. Rossignol's Extended Sidecut delivers a high amount of edge contact when you are skiing fast, placing a high amount of angle on your turns, and less edge contact when you are taking it easy, for a more maneuverable feeling. If you are searching for a ski to carve with the best of them on the frontside of the mountain that will not break the bank, the Rossignol Experience 84 HD will be a great ski for you.

    Range All mountain
    Model 16/17
    Length 144/152/160
    Side cut 125-80-114
    Radius/SL 14
    Features Auto turn Rocker
    The Rossignol Temptation 80 is a great ski for the solid intermediate wanting a ski that is very easy to ski and loaded with game improvement technology. Rossignol's Extended Sidecut gives you more effective edge with the more angle you get the skis on their edges when at higher speeds, and less effective edge with the less angle you put on your edges at slower speeds. The Extended Sidecut gives you plenty of control whether you're carving or skidding your turns. Rossignol's Auto Turn Rocker has a rockered tip to initiate turns faster and easier. Camber underfoot will provide edge hold and spring into your turns. Rocker in the tail gives you an easier and smoother exit at the end of a turn. The Auto Turn Rocker simply makes turning easier. The Air Tip on the Temptation 80 pulls heavier material away from the tip of the ski to give you a lower swing weight and make the ski more maneuverable. An 80mm waist is perfect for sliding your way down a groomer with stability and will give you a smoother ride if it starts to get a little cruddy out. If you're a solid intermediate looking to perfect your skills, the Rossignol Temptation 80 will help you improve rapidly.

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